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“Versatility and rock solid performance”.  Film trailers,  imaging, e-learning, documentory narration, radio and tv ads,  corporate reads, post production lip sync….. Richard O'Shea continues to do it all!  2017 is just as busy as ever as Richie continues to voice daily sessions for commercial spots and more !

When not in Dublin, Richie is available to record from his studio where you can sit in and direct via Skype and he can send sound files to clients as wav, AIFF or MP3.  “A real team player”. 


We’ve been working with Richie for several years now and throughout that time we’ve found him to be extremely reliable and  accommodating.  He has great authority and fantastic versatility in his voice. That along with a great personality makes him a pleasure for any director to work with.

Mary Brennan - Programming Manager, TV3 & 3e


I have worked with Richie for many years across various radio stations and the reason I continue to use him is that  he sounds great on imaging or commercials. When East Coast FM wanted an Irish Voice for their imaging a few years back  I suggested Richie and after one listen he got the gig.

Robert Diggins - Production Manager, East Coast FM


Well………I can still beat him in golf, but behind a microphone he’s a formidable opponent.
Just when you try to pigeon hole him, as say a straight read guy, or a corporate voice over, he comes out with a characterization or accent of impressive proportions.
“How did you do that?”, I often cry, but Richie just smiles his laconic smile and does the read a different way.
He insists this is to give me choices……I call it showing off.
Did I mention I can still beat him at golf?

Pat O'Regan - CEO, Red Sock Productions


Richie’s versatility is unmatched.  He’ll make your script come alive and sound professional – always a speedy turnaround!

Shane Smith- Head of Production, Q 102
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